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Young Nazis - Fight In Street (1938) - YouTube

4/13/2014 · Unused / unissued material - no paperwork - dates unclear or unknown Germany. Young nazi boys - Hitler Youth - march along a road singing a song and carrying packs. CU road sign "Strausberg ...
Altona Bloody Sunday - Wikipedia

Altona Bloody Sunday (German: Altonaer Blutsonntag) was the name given to a violent confrontation between the Sturmabteilung (SA) and Schutzstaffel (SS), the police, and Communist Party (KPD) supporters on 17 July 1932 in Altona, now in Hamburg but then part of Schleswig-Holstein, a province of Prussia. The riots left 18 people dead.
Roter Frontkämpferbund - Wikipedia

Over the years the RFB engaged more and more in violent street fights with the police, the SA, and other political rivals. In 1929, the RFB participated in bloody protests after International Workers' Day was banned in Berlin. More than 30 people were shot and killed by the police.
Nazi Propaganda (Pre-1933 Material)

This page is part of the German Propaganda Archive, a collection of translations of propaganda material from the Nazi and East German eras.It focuses on Nazi propaganda during what they called the Kampfzeit, the years when the party was fighting for political power …
Fighting Nazis doesn’t make ‘antifa’ the good guys

Fighting Nazis is a good thing, but fighting Nazis doesn’t necessarily make you or your cause good. By my lights this is simply an obvious fact. The greatest Nazi-killer of the 20th century was ...
Difference Between Communism and Nazism

11/18/2009 · Communism and Nazism – Two historic philosophies that have more in common than many think In 1939, the world was stunned by the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. Here were two competing political systems –Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet …
Those Damned Nazis (1932) - Research & Scholarship

A translation of a widely-distributed 1932 Nazi propaganda pamphlet. ... Those Damned Nazis. by Joseph Goebbels. ... the nationalist fights for the content and against the form. One may not put the symbol above the content. If that happens, the battle is on the wrong field and one’s strength is lost in formalism.