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Yay~ *o* This song remember me to "and I'm home", don't know why =w= So I decided do a MMD video with Sayaka and Kyoko dancing Promise :D Please don't say the original anime.
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1/14/2019 · Seki Hitomine - Nico Yazawa Ditwi-chan - Yukiho Kousaka Anay - Tsubasa Kira Neko Maid - Mika, Anju Inami, Voces Extra nerecнι88 - Erena Todo, Voces Extra ... Love Live! Sunshine.
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Read Chapter 7: Nico Nico Nii from the story Love Live! Reunite! by FayeTheFab with 957 reads. hoshizorarin, rinhoshizora, umisonoda. It was Eli who had to wak...